Doug Cox has established himself as a leader in his community and at the Capitol. His level-headedness and knowledge have helped him to win the respect of members of both parties, and he has demonstrated that he puts people before politics.

Health Care

As the Legislature's only medical doctor, Doug has become the leading voice on health care issues. During his time in office, Doug has successfully advocated for better quality of care at long-term care facilities, offered solutions to address the declining availability of doctors and limited access to health care for many residents outside of the state's metropolitan areas, expanded health care coverage for the state's most vulnerable and needy children, and helped lead a statewide fact-finding tour to identify ways to improve Oklahoma's Medicaid system.


Doug has consistently supported lower taxes for working Oklahoma families. As a result of tax cuts enacted during his service, Oklahoma families are now keeping more of what they earn. He also supported the elimination of the franchise tax for most of the state's small businesses.

Fiscal Accountability

Over the years, Oklahoma's state government has grown dramatically in size and in its spending. Doug has worked to put an end to frivolous spending of taxpayer dollars, and in 2007 helped to enact a budget that actually spent less money than the year before without cutting services. He continues to be an advocate for better prioritizing of state dollars and limited growth of government.


Doug has supported record investments in education and voted for three consecutive years of teacher pay raises. He believes that every child deserves a quality education and supports reforms to help students achieve greater gains in learning.

Crime Prevention

Ensuring the safety of Oklahoma families is a priority for Doug. That's why he has authored legislation to require background checks for hospital employees as well as crack down on people who defraud the state. He also consistently supports tough sentences for Oklahoma's worst criminals.

Economic Development and Jobs

Oklahoma's college students receive a great education from the state's many quality institutions, but too many of our best and brightest graduates leave Oklahoma for job offers in other states. In order to make sure our graduates have job choices within the state, Doug has supported pro-business policies to attract and keep skilled jobs in Oklahoma.

Grand Lake development

Doug has been a vocal advocate for the Grand Lake area during his time in the Legislature, educating other state leaders about the vital role it plays in Northeast Oklahoma's economy. He has authored several bills that have been signed into law to help the Grand River Dam Authority operate more efficiently, and Doug continues to support preservation and proper management of all the state's natural resources.

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